Last Satuerday, there were like 15 players! How great it is! We had so much fun together~
There were 3 new players, name Peter,Mattew, and Inho(Korean-American). They were all good at basketball, indeed haha. 

Anyway, there were a lot of players also came back to Korea from there homeland. It was so happy to see them again :) 
In this day, the other team was one of Univ. amateur team. But they were better than us. haha. 
Red team VS Mannam Warriors

Mannam Basketball Club in Seoul! Warriors! 

    It was really good to having this cool match. The gym was good and the warriors was feel fun!
I hope we can have games sometime :)
Hope you guys take care !

The Mannam Volunteer Awards!!!

Eventually! We could attend our awards!
It was the first awards in mannam volunteer association, and I was so excited!!

Actually the concept was "Red Carpet". So we should all dressed up, like a actor or actress in Hollywood. 

In our warriors members, there were just few attendants. But they were all awesome and cool! It was Totally different with themselves before in our gym! They ware nice jacket and tie, and girls ware beautiful dress. What a cool mannam day!

At the first, we came, took our seats and just took a lot of photos. It was worth it! 

And Our Mannam Basketball Team(Even there's only Lyn in photo) got the 
Most Stand-Out Team Awards !

Haha, Short but happy Dinner :)
There were great Sushi, Salad, Drinks(Non-alcohol keke), and so on!



Donation from Mannam Warriors

Alden and Brandon gave us their hearts to us, because they couldn't attend in field. Even they couldn't come with us but I was really really touched by them. They prepare for Children who needs help. I think we all need to learn this attitude. Not only just thinking, reminding or talking, but also "doing" and "acting". And also I thought they really have Mannam Spirit. That's why I am always proud of our warriors basketball team!

In the video, we can find our Mannam Warriors members! Mike, Hindson and Jiyoung! (Steven, Yeonsoo and Me were there too but not in there haha). In that day, there was free concert. As you saw it, there are lots of great singers, dancers and instrument Players! Awesome! They are almost mannam members. I think there's a lot of talented persons~
After we did donation and watched the performances, we decided to eat Something hot! Because it was cold, haha. So, our members came to JJAM-PPONG (짬뽕 in Korea) Restaurant. It was really cheap and nice. Actually, some menu was very very hot, but we had fun together. 

After all these events, i felt some warm thing in my mind. I realized that, there are lots lots of people who still preserves their own warm-hearts. I believe we can achieve the really peace in the world, through Mannam Association, and Mannam Warriors!


Mannam Warriors ! 

Wow! really worriors!
The shooter, Steven is the leader of this warriors. He started this club at first, with mike :) haha

And the blocker is Damien who works in this school! So we could borrow this gym easily. Thanks to him !

Next to Damien, there are blue shirts guy, name Hindson Her. He came this club long time ago. And he is friend of Mike, and good at 3 point shoot :) 

And YeounSoo, next to Hindson, he stays in this club for long time. He is good at jumping haha !
At the last, Matt, the rightest one, is almost korean. Because he got married with korean wife :) And now he teaches in University. He is tall, so he is good at rebound.

Jerry! The mannam guy :)
Alden!!! He is not korean, but really good at korean!!!! And he is so fast when playing basketball.  

We have lots of great players in Mannam Basketball team Warriors!!!!!!

Mannam Warriors!!!

The Medal Ceremony

Father bear in Mannam Warriors :)

Thank you always!


We could do nothing without you, Steven! 

Great leader and funny guy :D


Jerry !!!!!! 
Cool and gentle player!
He and his wife is really lovely.
They are one of the best couple in the world i think.

Hindson always gave us smile :) His personality is so funny and kind and nice. I think that's the reason he has many friends !

Hi, Cas !
He is father of two kids, already :) And we know he will be good husband and father to his family.

He is really fast playing basketball!!!
If you see him playing, you will be surprised haha :D

Jerry and Hindson in Mannam Basketball

Best friends to each other :0  They are great guys haha.
I am so happy we have these great man in our team!

The Winner of September 16th, in Olympic Stadium ^^
Mannam Basketball Winner! Warriors!!!

And with every players!!!!! great team!!! I am proud of you Mannam Warriors~~
The Light ! Victory~ Mannam
Jerry and Pajai. Lovely couple!
Mike and Andrea. Cutest Couple !!
It's quite late, but we had so much fun! haha
I love you all, Mannam Warriors~ I hope we can be together forever!
Today we had lots of players! 
Mike, Jerry, Elson, Au, Cas, Roy, Lyn, Matt, Yeoun-soo, Steven and Hindson! 11 players ! Yay! 
 So we could play 5 vs 5 using full court :) 

★Now we start here! ↓
Au & Roy started the game! Excited!
Steven is always good at making cool shoots. Awesome moment :) - I took this picture haha!
Cas is trying to make it!!!! But Mike doesn't let it happen!!!! haha
I felt like they are "couple dancing" - Lyn & Roy. What do you think? LoL
Run Warriors, Run!!
High High Jump of Hindson!
 Jerry is jumping!!!!  And Yeon-Soo is trying to block Jerry's ball!!!! Wanna know the result? :)
Oh, Matt! You have to thanks to me lol :)  It's a really good picture. Cool!
Mike : Ji-Young always calls him "a Father Bear" ! But I think it's true. hahaha!
Au is a really great point guard. 

All warriors are tired now. haha. The are taking rest.


Two girls was watching our games. Cute girls :)

Jerry & Mike. Hindson wanted to take photos with them, but he could't. haha
Funny Steven !
Lovely Warriors !!!!!!!! Mannam Warriors!!!!!! 

Dinner at the Mr.Pizza with Warriors!

Last  Saturdaywe talked about going bowling. After just 4 days we gathered at YeokSam Station, nearby GangNam Station at 6:30. Fortunately the weather was not so cold; that made us happy. Au, Lyn, Jiyoung, Hindson, Kate, Victor , Gillian and Steven came!  
 We went to Mr. Pizza and ate 3 large pizzas with salad! "Pepperoni," "New York Special," and "Vegetarian" were the menu of the day. Two of them had delicious cheese crust, Victor and Steven really loved it! At the end of our dinner, Ryan dropped by to see us; it was just for a few minutes, but we had a lot of fun :)

The bowling Game!

Actually it was hard to find a bowling alley near Yeoksam Station. We found it but it was very far from the So we had to walk for 15-20 minutes. Some people were saying: "Does it really exist? haha."Because it was really far. But while walking we had meaningful time. We talked a lot with each others. It was about their own country, favorites, work and even in depth about our personal lives. So, it was quite a fun and precious time.
Finally, we arrived at the "24시 볼링장" - "24 hours Bowling Hall" nearby HakDong Station(line7). But, we had to wait for 20 minutes because there were so many people. So, we decided play billiards and table tennis. The good thing was that it was free while we were waiting.
The One! Warriors!

After a few minutes we went inside. It was COSMO BOWLING, so only black lights. There were lots of glow-in-the-dark stickers, very unique. And eventually, we played 2 games. It was really, really fun. Among us, "Au" was the best!!!!! He bowled a Turkey (Triple Strike)! And Victor was good at bowling as well as Au. They have special talent, haha. 

Gillian,Victor's wife, looks like dancer :)           ->

 We took photos at the end of the games. The meaning of "M&W" is Mannam Warriors. 
It was Steven's Idea. Brilliant idea, isn't it?

It's the latest photo of the day. 
We asked to take photo to someone who was close with us. But he was drunk, so he could not take a good photo!!!!!! So sad but so funny haha :-D

 After this dinner and bowling, I felt much closer to everyone. And we mentioned that next time we wanted to do it again with ALL the Warriors basketball members! 
It was a great trip down to Daegu. There were six teams in the tournament including the Mannam Daejeon Team. Our first game we had an amazing comeback after being down by about 14 points, but couldn't pull out the win. Our second game was hard fought as it would qualify I for running for 3rd place. We won and moved on to the third place match. At this point we had played two 40 minute games with our 7 man team and were pretty exhausted, but at the same time all of our gears and cobs were in sink and we all played a fantastic last game to win 3rd place with a score of 52 to 36. Overall, great trip!
It was a Korean holiday. So, we decided to have some good times playing basketball at our usual spot. It was a great turn out with 15 players total. The weather was TOASTY but we toughed it out and had a fun time.
We had a nice sized crew today for Mannam Saturday morning basketball. It started off with cool, overcast weather and then warmed up quickly. We had a lot of fun and I hope to see even more people next week!
On May 19th we hosted the first Mannam Basketball Tournament at the Mannam Ultimate Challenge. It was a lot of fun with some great all around competitive basketball.  This Saturday we will return to our usual Saturday location at Apgujeong Station Exit 6, 9:30am, for some more friendly basketball open to anyone.